Nepenthes bongso seedlings for NASC auction

This auction on Terraforums is for a pair of seed-grown [I]N. bongso[/I]. IIRC these are about 30 months old now. I have seen sufficient evidence to state that I believe this lot of seedlings (all from one seed pod) is true-to-species, however, I cannot [U]guarantee[/U] that these will be pure, unadulterated (non-hybrid) [I]N. bongso[/I]. [B]By placing a bid on these plants, you accept these terms and understand that whenever [I]Nepenthes[/I] species are grown from seed, there is a chance that hybrids may appear in the offspring.[/B] If you’re unwilling to accept that risk, then [U]do not bid on these[/U].

[B]Please start the bidding at $5.00. [/B]The auction winner is required to pay the shipping costs, payable directly to me via PayPal. This auction is limited to [U]US residents only[/U], so please don’t ask about shipment elsewhere.