From the Geinhouse, part 2.

More shots from the past few days; assorted Nepenthes. Enjoy!
Oh, and as a side note, all of the photos (with one exception: N. Enigma, below) were processed entirely on the iPad, with Apple’s own iPhoto for iOS app. I am both surprised and impressed with this app’s capabilities and look forward to the performance improvements that are no doubt going to come. (one issue I have with the software is its slow refreshing of the image library, but it’s a minor point)

I am also using the iOS WordPress app to write and publish the past few entries as well. I like to disprove the naysayers who insist that the iPad is just a toy, an entertainment platform, not a productivity tool. I definitely find it useful for both!

N. Enigma

Nepenthes Enigma is a Leilani hybrid of (N. belii X sibuyanensis) X inermis. I call it Big Pink Weirdo!

N. spathulata X Hong Kong

N. spathulata X Hong Kong, the front.

N. ventricosa X spectabilis.

Nepenthes bongso (thanks Ken!)

Nepenthes bongso

N. singalana X hamata, pitcher detail.

N. singalana X hamata, the plant. I’m very pleased with the progress this plant is making.

Happy Friday to all the CP nuts out there!


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