N. (eymae x (stenophylla x lowii)) x trusmadiensis

N. (eymae x (stenophylla x lowii)) x trusmadiensis, from Tony Paroubek.
This seedling is a complex hybrid, of the sort which are now becoming more common in collections. What I mean by that is: more than two or three species are represented in its pedigree. In this case, we have four, since N. x Trusmadiensis is a naturally occurring hybrid of N. lowii and N. macrophylla. Many of the outrageously beautiful Trusmadiensis hybrids are coming out of the Australian nursery, Exotica Plants, which specializes in this kind of hybrid. Geoff Mansell, the owner and hybridizer at the nursery, seems to favor huge, bold pitcher styles, and Trusmadiensis contributes happily to that goal.

Here is a photo of my juvenile plants of N. x Trusmadiensis with its latest 3″ pitcher:


Click here to see an adult plant of N. x Trusmadiensis!


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