Nepenthes Briggsiana “Red”

N. Briggsiana is a hybrid between N. ventricosa and N. lowii.

Nepenthes Briggsiana

Nepenthes Briggsiana

Last August, as I was learning more about the various Nepenthes hybrids, I inevitably found out about N. Briggsiana, a ventricosa/lowii cross made by a Dr. Marabini in Germany years ago (not sure how many years) and seed was distributed to other growers around the world. Perhaps the most hyped clone is N. Briggsiana ‘Peter D’Amato’, a particularly fine, dark red cultivar named for the owner of the California Carnivores nursery. However, there are several select clones circulating in collections, among them the one pictured here, called simply N. Briggsiana ‘Red’.

Now, once I had heard about this special hybrid, I approached the CP community to inquire about availability of the various clones. Sam Estes offered to get me a division of his clone (a very dark red clone, almost purple-black!) and Jeremiah Harris also offered to supply me with an un-rooted cutting of the Briggsiana ‘Red’ variety. The photo I’ve posted today is the first pitcher produced by Jeremiah’s cutting (now an established plant, of course) ten and a half months after receiving the cutting. This is my first attempt at propagating Nepenthes from cuttings, and it was really a very simple task. It is, however, something that requires considerable patience, as Nepenthes take at least two to four months to start forming roots! (and FYI, just because a cutting might start making new leaves or sprouts from vegetative nodes doesn’t mean it has made roots; I have a few stubborn cuttings that have been in propagation for months and have yet to root, but they are growing and one has even formed a pitcher!)

I will write an instructional post next week (with any luck) to describe how I root cuttings of Nepenthes. I find it is mostly a case of “benign neglect” as much as the application of horticultural skill!
I have a few other detail shots I did in this same session that I will likely post later today, so check back in a while. Happy Friday to ya!

UPDATE: a few other pics from the same set….

N. Briggsiana "red"

N. Briggsiana “red”

N. Briggsiana "red"

N. Briggsiana “red”


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    • I have been considering doing so, but posting as a separate instructional post. I’ll do this sometime next week, when I have time to generate proper support images. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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