Possible N. clipeata hybrid

Possible N. clipeata hybrid, from Leilani Nepenthes.


I acquired this charmer a year ago, almost to the day, in fact. It was just a small seedling at that point, with a couple of 2″ tall pitchers in shades of beige and pink; quite dull, color wise. But like most seed grown Nepenthes, it was going to take some time before it revealed its “true colors”. Now, the pitchers are over 5″ tall, with much richer coloring both in the body markings and the peristome, and unusual pitcher shape characteristics are appearing, most noteworthy being the high waist that gives it a kind of old-man-pants-pulled-up-too-high look! I’ve consulted a couple of more experienced growers about this trait, and I’ve been told it is possible it came from Nepenthes clipeata, a species Sam uses at Leilani in breeding. See N. Clarabell as an example. (In N. Clarabell, the N. leesii parent shows a similar high-shouldered look to its pitcher body, so it makes me wonder if my plant isn’t actually one of the N. Clarabell grex)

No matter what it’s pedigree, I have come to really live this plant for its unique shape and rich peristome coloring. I have a feeling it is also going to remain on the smallish side (it is already producing a basal shoot at a relatively small size) which I will no doubt come to appreciate as my plants threaten to outgrow their domain!


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