Another snapshot from inside the conservatory

Just a quick snapshot from the new Nepenthes house. I need to think of a way to show the contents as a whole; panoramas often don’t cut it, so maybe a short video would be better?


And I decided to include a pic of Nepenthes Ventrata, which is often sneered at as being “pedestrian”; the Petunia of Nepenthes. I’m not sure why it is held in such poor esteem by some, since a well grown specimen can be really beautiful. Case in point:


I mean, who would dare suggest this elegant and colorful creature is boring? Not me!


3 responses to “Another snapshot from inside the conservatory

  1. A video would be wonderful! as much as I love seeing wonderful singular pitchers in a photo, it’s also really nice to see whole plants and your entire growing setup. very inspirational. and that’s some wonderful color in your ventrata! I think I need to increase the light on mine…

  2. What an incredible collection!! A video would be awesome
    What conditions do your plants relieve in your growhouses? I would love to know the temps, humidity and lighting specifics

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