Nepenthes spathulata X hamata, revisited.

N. spathulata X hamata, bred by Borneo Exotics in Sri Lanka. When I picked up this hybrid about eight months ago, I wasn’t sure how good this cross was going to be. I mean, we all know just how much N. spathulata dominates many of its hybrids, right? Well, it seems the gamble is going to pay off. With every new pitcher, this plant gets more and more attractive, showing richer color, larger pitchers and while this isn’t going to be as “toothy” as the N. singalana cross, the peristome is really deeply grooved and is conspicuously the result of the hamata genes. I am really digging the well-pigmented pitcher body and the distinct spathulata waistline. Win!!!

Detail close-up:


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