Nepenthes tenuis


I’m fascinated by this beautiful little “toilet bowl” species from western Sumatra. From Wikipedia:

“Nepenthes tenuis was first collected by Willem Meijer on August 24, 1957. It was discovered near Taram, West Sumatra, in a sandstone region of the river Tjampo. The plants were growing on a ridge at approximately 1000 m above sea level, making N. tenuis an intermediate species. The habitat was described as “light sub-montane forest”.

Prior to the rediscovery of N. tenuis in the wild, this was the only known photograph of the species. It shows a fragment of a climbing stem and an upper pitcher.
Nepenthes tenuis was formally described as a species in 1994 by Joachim Nerz and Andreas Wistuba, based on a single specimen deposited by Meijer at the Leiden herbarium and a black and white photograph from 1957 showing the freshly collected plant. After several failed expeditions, the species was finally rediscovered in the wild in late 2002 by a team comprising Andreas Wistuba, Joachim Nerz, Michael Schach, and others.”

The full article can be rad here: (More info on Wikipedia)


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