Two of the species I grow

The first, N. jamban, one of the famous “toilet bowl” species. (A group that includes N. flava, N. tenuis, N. jacquelineae) my plant is one of the tissue cultured clones from Borneo Exotics.


The second plant today is N. naga, and this is a seed-grown plant. My understanding is that my specimen is one of a fair number of plants grown from the same seed lot, collected from the species native forest environment. Now, N. naga is supposed to have a glandular appendage under the tip of the lid, and while other people have observed this appendage on their seedlings, mine has not exhibited it at all. My plant has much darker pitchers than most of the other specimens portrayed by growers, (mature pitchers are a striking “gunmetal” black color, which you can see a hint of in the smaller pitcher behind the main one) which makes me question whether this may in fact be a hybrid. (Some features remind me of N. izumiae)Time will tell.



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