An experiment: bench top dressing.

Recently, I decided to try an experiment: I wanted to “dress up” the bench surfaces between the pots with live Sphagnum. I’ve seen photos from other people’s greenhouses where they’ve built a living Sphagnum culture on the bench tops in this manner, and the idea appealed to me, so….

Six weeks ago I harvested quite a bit of the sphagnum that had accumulated down the sides of many hanging pots in the greenhouse, and casually plopped mats of it between the pots on the benches. The benches are a plastic grid type surface, with 1″ square holes making up the grid. The question was going to be whether or not the Sphagnum would survive on a plastic surface with large holes like that to contend with. I think I can safely say thats a yes. I still have half of this bench to finish filling with moss, and the other bench on the opposite side has yet to be started, but this is working nicely, with some pots Sphagnum blending seamlessly with the Sphagnum on the benches. The effect is very pleasing, and I bet the Nepenthes don’t mind it either.


Above: N. lowii X truncata


The same plant is seen at the center of the frame, but you can see more of the bench and the well-established Sphagnum colony as it appears today.


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