N. lowii

Nepenthes lowii, Borneo Exotics clone, from Mt. Trusmadi.

I seem to have accumulated a number of amazing hybrids in the last year and it has become obvious that a number of them (many are favorites) have Nepenthes lowii in their pedigree. This species brings some pretty amazing characteristics to its hybrids, including color, surreal form (Think Briggsiana pitchers) and pitcher substance like wood.

Unfortunately, N. lowii is renowned for its slow growth, with plants taking up to a decade (or more!) to reach adulthood and produce its astonishingly alien upper pitchers. I’ve had this tissue cultured clone for about 15 months, and it has grown well for me, with a significant increase in size in the past 6 months. This most recent pitcher is close to 5″ tall and is the largest one it has produced by far. What a crazy beast, this thing.

Nepenthes lowii

Nepenthes lowii


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