Nepenthes Briggsiana


Update on N. Briggsiana. This is quite a pitcher. :-0


2 responses to “Nepenthes Briggsiana

  1. Hey Josh. Glad you like this. My plant came direct from Sam Estes in Hawaii. In Septmber of 2011 I contacted him and he said that he had a couple of clones, and as far as he was concerned, they all looked pretty much alike. (Including ‘Peter D’Amato’; he couldn’t tell them apart most of the time) He said he had a small plant available, and asked if I had a preference for which clone, and I said not really – just send me a nice plant. So, I believe this is NOT ‘Peter D’Amato’, but one of Sam’s other clones. He did not label it other than N. Briggsiana. That is good enough for me. I can’t tell this apart from the D’Amato clone either.

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