Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’

I don’t post often about my Sarracenia collection, and thats a shame, really, since I have a few really spectacular selections. Without a doubt my favorite – for good reasons – is S. x ‘Adrian Slack’, one of the Moorei clones named for a true pioneer in the cultivation of insectivorous plants. S. x ‘Adrian Slack’ is a “found” cultivar widely believed to be a naturally occurring selection of S. x Moorei, a hybrid between S. flava and S. leucophylla. A quote from the International Carnivirous Plant Society’s web page about the cultivars:

“While the exact parentage of Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’ is unknown, it is almost certainly a mix of S. flava and S. leucophylla. It is unclear if back-crossing is involved. In general form, the plant produces large pitchers much like those of S. flava. The influence of S. leucophylla is expressed, at most, as a slight undulation in the pitcher lid. While S. flava controls the pitcher form, S. leucophylla influences much of the pitcher coloration. The pitcher lid is arrestingly white, shot through with deep red veins (from S. flava). The upper pitcher tube is also heavily veined and lightly fenestrated. These pitcher characters define this exquisite cultivar. The flowers are not as spectacular as the pitchers, but are still intriguing. The petals are light pink, almost white, but may show occasional yellow highlights.

“Bob found this plant in the 1980s, growing in the Milton area of western Florida. It has grown well since then, and when left undisturbed produces the astonishing coloration documented in the photograph. This is a superior plant, and honors a superior man.”

Sarracenia 'Adrian Slack'Sarracenia 'Adrian Slack'

Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’

Click here to view the ICPS registration page for S. ‘Adrian Slack’


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