A few treasures from The Geinhouse

It’s been a terrific spring here so far, with seemingly endless days if warm and nearly cloudless days, and I’ve refrained from pulling on the shade cloth, except for a couple of really hot days. (More for heat management than light filtering) the Nepenthes have responded enthusiastically, with some of the biggest and most shapely pitchers to date. Here are just a few.

N. Helen. (Borneo Exotics, tissue cultured, single clone. N. spathulata X spectabilis “giant”)


N. spectabilis X mira, also from Borneo Exotics. This is turning out to be a very pretty hybrid, with its colorful, long-tendrilled pitchers.


Seed-grown Nepenthes naga (thanks Dean!)


N. eymae X jacquelineae, one of my favorite hybrids. I have two of this cross, and this one favors N. jacquelineae more than the other.



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