Off Topic (but hopefully interesting!)

This past weekend marks a significant rediscovery for me; a revisiting of traditional film photography. If you know me “in real life”, you’d realize what a sudden and unexpected departure this is for me, since it has been over 15 years since I put away my darkroom equipment and “retired” from working with film technologies. Well, a few weeks ago I read an article that showed up in my feed, talking about the upcoming Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, an event I previously knew nothing about. I did some more research, and as web browsing episodes tend to do, it turned into a series of articles that talked extensively about the current state of pinhole photography and a resurgence in interest in this primitive image-making. Suddenly, I was smitten with the notion of revisiting this old friend from Art School days and I became immediately determined to explore some of the innovations in the technology. This led me – perhaps inevitably – to the modern Zero Image camera, which I sought to acquire.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit Blue Moon Camera and Machine in PDX and spent a very enjoyable hour talking with Zeb Andrews, one of the folks who works at Blue Moon, and who is an avid pinhole photographer himself. I was able to acquire the Zero Image 6CX9 Multi-format medium format camera, plus the requisite darkroom supplies to enable me to process B&W film. (You don’t need a lot of stuff to process B&W film at home) By 10PM Saturday night I had a processed roll of exposed film hanging in the kitchen, drying, to be scanned in the morning. What fun! And so, after scanning the negatives, importing into Lightroom, and with the help of the Silver Efex Pro plugin, I arrived at the following image of the small yurt, garlanded with ‘Cecile Brunner’ roses:




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