N. lowii X truncata “wide peristome” from Exotica Plants, AU.

photo 14

And N. lowii X merrilliana:


5 responses to “N. lowii X truncata “wide peristome” from Exotica Plants, AU.

  1. Great sizeable pitcher Paul! For some reason this one struggles for me, some grow it as lowlander, obviously you grow it as a highlander and they do well. I grow mine in intermediate conditions and its been one of the slowest growers for me, hasn’t produced a pitcher larger than 3inches as yet, despite having it for 2years now.

    • I wonder if its just a matter of variability among seed-grown plants? This has been an effortless plant for me, and in the fifteen months I’ve grown it, it went from about five inches across to nearly fifteen! The latest pitcher has to be ten inches tall, if not more (I’ve never actually measured). I can’t say I treat this one any differently than the rest. It just grows!

  2. By the way Paul, I remember you expressing interest in N. Lowii x (spectabilis x northiana), well exotica plants updated their catalogue a few hours ago, it’s on the list now. Not sure if ordering direct is your thing though, I imagine Tony P used to do most of that.
    There’s a few new interesting things in their pricelist at the moment. lowii x jacq and lowii x (lowii x truncata) for instance are new.

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