Lepanthopsis astrophora

Lepanthopsis astrophora, an amazing, tiny Orchid species from Venezuela and Columbia, between elevations of 700 and 1500 metres. (Read more) This microminiature species is really tiny — the blooms you see here are only 4mm tall! Its a very easy species to grow and it blooms with abandon three or four times a year once established.

Lepanthopsis astrophora

Lepanthopsis astrophora


2 responses to “Lepanthopsis astrophora

  1. Do you feel this would do well outside of a green house environment, say in home growing with enough light? It is a real beauty, when I saw your picture I had an “awww, so cute” moment.

  2. I don’t honestly know, Rob. My experience with this species is limited to greenhouse cultivation. Its possible you could grow it on a semi-shady windowsill, as this is often sold as a very easy species to care for, but rainforest type Orchids generally do need good humidity to perform adequately.

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