As seaweed-based fertilizer often used with Carnivorous plants.


This is one of the (very) few fertilizers that has proven safe for use on certain genera of carnivorous plants. I know that some growers use this – in a very dilute concentration – on Sarracenia seedlings to boost their growth. I use it mainly on my Nepenthes — a genus known to tolerate nutrients in their soil — applying it as a soil drench once a month in the winter, and twice a month from April through October.

Application rate: 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water. (and note that I use reverse osmosis water at all times) I do know people who will splash a bit of MaxSea solution into the pitchers themselves, but thats not my practice. It might be helpful — I don’t know — its just not something I’ve tried myself. I feel like I get great results just applying it to the soil, so I don’t feel any need to push too much.

While this fertilizer can be used without hesitation on Nepenthes (and to some degree Sarracenia), it isn’t appropriate for Dionaea or Drosera; they will find the nutrients toxic to the roots and they will show you their displeasure! Heliamphora is not a genus I grow (I will admire them from afar — for now) so I can only tell you that I know people who do use MaxSea on their Heliamphora to good effect. As with all fertilizers, it is wise to approach with caution and proceed carefully. When it comes to fertilizing carnivorous plants, more is definitely not more!


2 responses to “MaxSea

    • Yes, Christian. All of the components are completely water soluble and dissolve quickly. I don’t think you’d have any difficulty preparing this as a sprayer-friendly nutrient solution.

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