Nepenthes maxima “dark” X robcantleyi

This is seed grown BE 3428, IIRC, one of the worst examples of robcanteyi hybrids I’ve tried. I regard this species as being extremely poor as Hybridizing material.



2 responses to “Nepenthes maxima “dark” X robcantleyi

  1. Paul, besides the lackluster coloration on this individual, what else makes you feel that robcantleyi is an inferior breeding parent? Does this or other robcantleyi hybrids you’ve grown lack vigor? Or are you speaking primarily about aesthetics?

    • I’m addressing the look of the plant only. There’s nothing wrong with its vigor or ease of cultivation. It’s just a very plain looking plant that inherited NONE of the attractive features of either parent species. It looks like a washed out maxima! My opinion only, of course.

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