Nepenthes for Monday


Nepenthes lowii


N. eymae X jacquelineae


N. Briggsiana


N. Trusmadiensis


N. burbidgea, from seed.


N. Sabre X lowii


N. glabrata


N. hamata


N. lowii X spectabilis

N. lowii


3 responses to “Nepenthes for Monday

  1. Of all the eymae x jacquelineae out there, I think your plants are the most mature, several times the size of mine, even though they are same age. The lowers are gorgeous, and I imagine the uppers will be comparably beautiful.

    • I don’t have a good idea how mine compares to other plants out there, but mine have certainly been quick to mature and load up with excellent, large pitchers! (large for its breeding, that is)

      • I haven’t seen all that many around, but none as large as yours. I’m not sure how many Tony sold, but I germinated about 30, most of which I distributed. Of the couple that I kept, only 1 remains, and it has been doing well for nearly a year, now that I have a better grasp on its cultivation needs.

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