Home-brewed Nepenthes hybrid

N. ventricosa X (thorelii X aristolochioides)




3 responses to “Home-brewed Nepenthes hybrid

  1. This is an old hybrid from Exotica Plants AU from many years ago. They had for a long time assumed that the plant they were using for breeding was thorelii, which it turns out was not the case. However, the hybrids are still referred to by their original names, and so we still call this “thorelii” X aristolochioides, using double quotes. It is unclear to me which of four likely candidates Mansell used to breed this widely dispersed clone, but that information is likely available if researched. Mansell himself has stated that he believes N. thorelii “b” and “d” clones are actually N. bokorensis. Clone “c” is apparently a hybrid between clone “a” X bokorensis, but Geoff doesn’t know what clone “a” really is. (Francois May believes “a” is N. kampotiana, but some disagree with that assertion – Mansell included – who believes thorelii “a” may possibly be the real deal.) The whole thorelii story is littered with misidentified plants and some hybrids as well.
    You can read Francois May’s detailed article about the confusion surrounding the “false thorelii’s” here: http://www.carnivorousplants.it/thorelii.history.pdf

    There is also an in-depth discussion on the identity of “the four Exotica thorelii’s” here: http://pitcherplants.proboards.com/thread/10736

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