How Apple has completely disrupted my blog workflow.

Dear Apple,
You’ve effed up. This week you pushed iOS 8 at us, and just like I’ve always done, I updated my devices to the new OS. What a bad idea that was. How could I have known what horrible things you’d implemented this time around? I could rhyme off a long list of things that broke on my devices since updating, but I won’t bore you with that. What does trouble me immensely is this: you’ve gutted iPhoto – removing all of its best features and tools, and given us the grossly dumbed-down “Photos” app, which places all its emphasis on “sharing” and omitted any genuinely useful editing features. Shame on you, Apple.

The point is: I used my iPhone almost exclusively to generate and edit photo content for this blog. iPhoto was the only utility I needed for color-balancing my photos, repairing minor blemishes, sharpening the output, and adding some vignetting or a gradient/blur effect. Every one of those tools has been removed from the new Photos editor. The editing tools the new app does offer are significantly more limited and far less useful. Suddenly, “the best camera you have is the one that’s always in your pocket” is no longer very useful to me. Apple, you’ve completely disrupted my workflow and I am going to have to return to using my DSLR and Lightroom for producing content for this blog.

Or wait it out and hope someone else comes along with an app that includes similar tools. Yeah – not gonna hold my breath. And no – there will not be a new iPhone in my future. I think Apple and I are in the fast track to divorce if they are going to continue pandering to lowest common denominator needs. Feh.


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