Nepenthes hamata, seed-grown plant for sale.

I’ve grown this plant for close to two years now, having acquired it from a private grower as a very small seedling. I need to make some room in my greenhouse, and I know that as a seed-grown plant, this species has some value. I’m asking twice what I paid for it, which seems quite fair, given my time investment and the current size of the plant (approx 7″ wide). If you are serious about wanting to purchase this species, contact me, please. Thanks.hamata.seed



2 responses to “Nepenthes hamata, seed-grown plant for sale.

  1. Hi Paul,

    This is Trevor, Midnight Sun from TF

    I’m curious about your asking price for the hamata, it’s probably out of my budget, but I’m interested…

    and just so I’m not wasting your time, I’ve meaning to give you and an update on some Nep seed I got from you:

    N. ‘Leilani Gold’ tiveyi x[(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana]

    they’re looking good, most are putting on their 4th leaf, had just okay germination at about 50%

    Hope you and your plants are doing well.


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