Nepenthes seeds available. ALL SOLD!

$5. a packet of about 35-50 seeds. All of the available seeds are now spoken for. Thank you for your interest.
N. Tiveyi (Leilani pink and gold clone) X N. fusca (Jeremiah’s best clone)



4 responses to “Nepenthes seeds available. ALL SOLD!

  1. Paul  I would be interested in a packet of these seeds. My only concern is the cold weather we are experiencing. Is  it possible for me to pay you now and have you hold them for a few weeks or so to send them. I understand if you don’t want to be bothered and thanks in advance. Hope all is well.Ray Pietrzak 

    • Ray, as I’m sure you realize, Nepenthes seeds do not remain viable for long if stored in a dry state after harvesting. Generally they decline rapidly in viability after only a few weeks. Why worry about shipping them now? Will the envelope be left out in a rural mailbox to freeze, or ??

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