New hybrid seed giveaway!

Update: Using to select two winners, the following two participants should please contact me with mailing information so I can send them a sample of these seeds:

#6 Evan Milborrow and #7 Travis. Congratulations, and good luck!

I’m giving away one pod of seeds from a new cross – N. hamata X N. tenuis.

Please sign up in the comment section for an opportunity to win:


17 responses to “New hybrid seed giveaway!

  1. I’m in, too. Can’t even begin to guess what traits will win that genetic roulette. Will be weird but lovable for sure! Promise to show us the range of offspring you grow out, not just the “best.”

  2. I’ve subscribed to the website ages ago. I’ll sign up for the comp too though 🙂 Thanks Paul. Sound like an interesting one, and the plants are looking immaculate as always.

  3. I think my last submission didn’t work like it was supposed to…oh well…
    This is an opportunity I can’t pass up, the outcome of this is sure to be weird and wonderful!

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