BLC. Chia Lin ‘Shin Shy’ AM/AOS

These bold red Cattleyas were something that had barely been imagined when I was a teenager, let alone actualized. Now, the red Cattleyas are abundant and they are glorious. This is a relatively new hybrid, BLC. Chian Lin ‘Shin Shy’ AM/AOS.

BLC. Chian Lin 'Shin Shy' AM/AOS

BLC. Chian Lin ‘Shin Shy’ AM/AOS


3 responses to “BLC. Chia Lin ‘Shin Shy’ AM/AOS

  1. Any advice on growing Cattleya? Do they need direct sunlight to grow? Mine doesn’t seem to be growing, I’ve kept them in a bright place away from sunlight. Thanks.

  2. Cattleyas are high light plants. If you are growing them on windowsills, they need some filtering of direct sunlight for April through early October in most regions, but during the winter months they need as much direct light as possible, short of burning the foliage. Leaves should be a medium/light green, but not quite yellow/green for most varieties. My Cattleyas get full, direct sun in the greenhouse from mid-October until sometime in April, and then I have a shade cloth filtering the light intensity.
    Cattleyas also need good air movement and humidity to grow properly. Have you taken that into account also? There are plenty of documents online about Cattleya culture. I suggest you find some and review them for tips. Start here, perhaps:

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