Lepanthopsis astrophora

Almost constantly in flower, this one. Each bloom is barely 1/4″ tall, produces on stems about as thick as a hair!




5 responses to “Lepanthopsis astrophora

  1. Sometimes the best things come in small packages 🙂
    And your orchid pics are starting to dangerously tempt me to try growing some of these; the carnivorous plant bug is dangerous enough but all the things it’s related to are just as alluring.

    • My goal is to strike a balance in my greenhouse between Nepenthes species, and Orchids of any types. The Nepenthes are fun, but a monoculture gets boring, especially as adult plants tend to get weedier with every passing year. I want more color in my greenhouse!

  2. Cute little purple stars. Oh, FYI, I am still alive and would like to get some orchidy goodness to you sometime in January. Discovered I had a small stockpile of vacation to take before the new year filled around or I’d lose it. Also studying for the GRE in a couple weeks (UGA offers free classes to staff) while simultaneously finishing up all the paperwork for the cp nursery. It’s gonna be a doozy of a year. UNG is also offering Rachel more classes to teach, so she will have a temporary full-time position. We are literally dancing about all of this!!!!!

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