Home-grown Nepenthes species seeds for sale.

Update, Tuesday April 5:

I have distributed all of the available seeds to many of the people who expressed an interest. I apologize to those who did not get any of these seeds – there simply wasn’t enough to go around, and I felt I had to offer first to people I already have a trade relationship with. So, thanks for your interest, but this offer is now concluded.

I suddenly find myself with a considerable workload for the next 2 weeks, so I am hitting the Pause Button on this offer. I will respond to all inquiries when I can, but you may have to be patient. Nagging me repeatedly with emails will not precipitate results. Thank you.

I have collected seeds this week from two species: N. vogelii X vogelii, and N. spectabilis X spectabilis. Contact me for more information if you’re interested. I will ship only within the US, so please don’t ask about shipping out of the country. It ain’t gonna happen.

The male spectabilis used:


The female vogelii: vogelii2


16 responses to “Home-grown Nepenthes species seeds for sale.

  1. Already have a nice vogelii, but I might be interested in a packet of the spectabilis; other than a comment here is there a better way to contact?

  2. And i ain’t lookin for a bunch of seed, just a lil bit…just lookin to end up with a nice plant down the line. i am not trying to make a come-up. i just like plants, love life forms in general, though people a little less…ha!

  3. I am sorry I am really not seeing what you mean.

    Are the seeds still available? If so, how would you like to be contacted

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