Opposite ends of the world: Pleurothallis dilemma, Drosera menzesii

Pleurothallis dilemma

Pleurothallis dilemma

Pleurothallis dilemma

Pleurothallis dilemma



N. singalana X hamata, clone 2

N. singalana X hamata, clone 2. This is the first pitcher produced on this seedling, and it is quite different from the first plant I acquired. Where the first seedling is quite dark and mottled, with a very deep red peristome, this one is an all-over chartreuse hue, with just a hint of red here and there. Of course, there is the chance that over the weeks to come, there will be a lot more pigmentation develop with exposure to sunlight. It has a pronounced waist inherited from the singalana parent, but the peristome is quite toothy, and no doubt will become more so as the plant matures.

N. singalana X hamata, clone 2

Drosera roseana

Drosera roseana, one of the remarkably tiny Pygmy Sundews from Australia. Last October I planted about 150 D. roseana gemmae (Gemmae are the asexually generated reproductive buds the Pygmies produce every Fall) in a 4″ wide clay pot. This is how they look today: (click on the pics to get a highly detailed larger view)



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