Thank you for watching

For 18+ months now I have been growing increasingly dissatisfied growing a monoculture of Nepenthes, as plants matured and grew unwieldy and grew far beyond their allotted space inside my modest greenhouse. This year I finally realized the solution to the problem was not going to be remedied by perpetually manicuring the plants to restrain them, but to sell off the collection to folks who had the willpower and space to better accommodate them. I’ve gradually sold off the hybrids but intended to keep all the species. I recently changed my mind and so the species plants are now also finding themselves re-homed. I may keep half a dozen of the more modest growers, but otherwise I consider my journey in growing the genus at its conclusion.  After all – horticulture is not a destination, its a journey. And for me, this part of the journey has come to an end after 5+ years of growing this remarkable genus.

On that note, I am not likely going to add anything new to this blog. I may write and publish other horticulture-related material elsewhere, but I have nothing planned. Thanks for watching!