Home-grown Nepenthes species seeds for sale.

Update, Tuesday April 5:

I have distributed all of the available seeds to many of the people who expressed an interest. I apologize to those who did not get any of these seeds – there simply wasn’t enough to go around, and I felt I had to offer first to people I already have a trade relationship with. So, thanks for your interest, but this offer is now concluded.

I suddenly find myself with a considerable workload for the next 2 weeks, so I am hitting the Pause Button on this offer. I will respond to all inquiries when I can, but you may have to be patient. Nagging me repeatedly with emails will not precipitate results. Thank you.

I have collected seeds this week from two species: N. vogelii X vogelii, and N. spectabilis X spectabilis. Contact me for more information if you’re interested. I will ship only within the US, so please don’t ask about shipping out of the country. It ain’t gonna happen.

The male spectabilis used:


The female vogelii: vogelii2


N. sibuyanensis X (spectabilis X beccariana)

This cutting is once again up for sale. (Buyer had to decline)

N. sibuyanensis X ( spectabilis X beccariana)

I am offering an un-rooted cutting of this hybrid for sale or trade. The cutting is the top 2.5″ of the adult vine, which will easily make multiple cuttings.

I am offering this for sale (inquire about price) or for trade for Orchids from the Cattleya alliance, preferably clean (virus free) clones of some of the “heirloom” varieties from the 1950s through the 1980s. Cattleya species are always of interest as well. I’m looking for an exceptional clone of C. trianae – hint, hint.

Contact me using the message submission box below, thanks.